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Industry Awards

Since starting the company, Mark Watson Constructions has been dedicated to providing clients with a quality result. Recently, at the 2013 MBA Master Builders Awards, that dedication paid off in the form of several awards.

Those victories included:

  • Industry Awards for Mark Watson ConstructionsRising Star Award
  • An Award for Home Renovation / Remodelling Project $276,000 to $575,000
  • An Award for Apprentice Employer of the Year

Mark Watson Constructions has since won an award at state level for the same renovation category. “We’re very honoured by that recognition,” Mark says. “When you’re singled out as one of the best in your field, you can’t help but feel proud.” He credits the company’s award success to a number of factors – their hard work, their quality craftsmanship, and the strong relationships they forge with customers. Mark says all that combined contributed to them winning the Rising Star Award especially. “Those things come from experience, and they come from being on the job site,” he explains.

As for the Apprentice Employer of the Year award, Mark says his success goes back to the importance he places on training. “Our apprentices are an important piece of the puzzle at Mark Watson Constructions, and they’re important to the industry as a whole,” he explains. “We need to teach these kids carpentry skills and good building values. I was lucky enough to be taught the right way, and I think it’s important to pass that knowledge on to the next generation.” The company’s focus on training was also validated with an Apprentice of the Year award, which was received by Mark’s apprentice Ben Lytton.